Preparing For Your Summer Vacation – 7 Tips For Packing Essentials

Excited about your vacation destination, but in a turmoil of what to pack? We all know that feeling and if you are like me, it is usually at the last minute. There are so many things to consider these days as there are more and more rules for airline travel, in particular. Here are seven (7) tips to think about to help you decide what to take.1. Climate has to be taken into consideration. Whether you are holidaying at the beach or in a ski resort, a bathing suit is a must as no matter the destination there is always access to a pool, spa or sauna.2. Shorts, t-shirts and tank tops are common attire around cruise ships, beaches, amusement parks and cruise ships during the day, but do not forget to pack something for evening. Often bars, restaurants and casinos have strict rules regarding attire to be permitted to enter, especially footwear. If you are on a cruise and plan to dine in the dining room at night, you will need to have evening dress.3. Raincoats, parkas or umbrellas are a great addition to your vacation clothing list. Most amusement parks are on huge acreage with a lot of walking between the different rides and shows. On a cruise you will want to leave the ship for sight-seeing at the various stopovers therefore a light parka or fold-up umbrella is ideal to carry with you. An umbrella or jacket with hood is a must when camping, especially when you have to use the kitchen, bathroom and washing facilities which can be some distance from your campsite.4. Sunscreen is a must as a bad dose of sunburn can ruin your holiday and essential y on a beach or cruise ship vacation and when you are walking around an amusement park. Read the labels and make sure the SPF rating is high enough for your skin tone and do not use last year’s bottle. Sunscreen has, or should, have an expiry date on it as they do not last. Do not be fooled by a cloudy day – slap it on and you will not be sorry.5. When on a cruise check what stops are planned along the way. A passport is required on international waters and when traveling to a foreign country. If you are traveling overseas, check whether your passport is accepted without a visa at your destinations. It would be a big disappointment to get turned down at the border!6. Camping requires a lot of preparation, but once you have outlayed the expense for a camping holiday, you can have plenty more. Camping is one of the most down-to-earth, rewarding family experiences you can have. Before you leave, it is a good idea to erect your tent in the backyard to make sure all the pieces are accounted for. Many campgrounds are in secluded areas, so a good stock of supplies is essential.7. A good pair of sports shoes is a must. Whatever the holiday, you never know when you will be invited to play tennis, hike up to the top of a hill to enjoy the view, or do a 24 hour tour of a city.If you forget to bring along certain supplies or essentials you can purchase them. However, the downside to purchasing items at your destination is price. Many popular vacation destinations have inflated prices.Take your time with preparation and if you are restricted with the amount of luggage you can take, here is a tip to make more room – roll your clothes up instead of lying flat. You will be surprised at how much more you can fit into your bag.

What You Can Do to Reform Healthcare | healthcare

Uproot U.S. Healthcare: To Reform U.S. Healthcare was written by someone who should know how to reform the system. Deane Waldman, MD MBA is both a practicing physician, as a pediatric cardiologist, and a speaker on healthcare reform.In Uproot U.S. Healthcare, Waldman engages the reader in more of a conversation than a lecture and at the end of the book, you should come away with a clear understanding of what will really save our healthcare system.You’ll discover that a cure for the currently sick system doesn’t lie in the hands of the political system or even a money fix – but in each and every one of us who can and do vote. Uproot U.S. Healthcare was written specifically to inform U.S. citizens about how to make their votes count to cure our ailing system.With all the books, blogs and talking heads who shout out opinions about how to fix our healthcare system, Waldman’s book is a refreshing change. He has experienced the system first hand and has dealt with management and strategy issues within his own organization.After experiencing the problems and seeing the results of a broken system, he realized that business knowledge and experience is a good way to understand the woes of the healthcare system and will also lead the way on how to eventually fix it.Waldman wants the average U.S. citizen to understand that they simply can’t wait for Washington to do something – we have to pull together and do it ourselves. Eventually, we’ll all need the benefits of a healthcare system that really works, and the time is “now” to uproot the U.S. Healthcare system as it stands today and plant new, stronger roots.Dr. Waldman devotes over half the pages in Uproot U.S. Healthcare to the “diagnosis” of the illness within our system before he actually addresses the “treatment.” This is a logical method and one that all doctors tend to take with their human patients.One truth that Waldman brings out in his book is that if we don’t act now to fix the U.S. healthcare system, it won’t be available in the future. If the current trend of rising costs, costly errors, a shortage of nurses and doctors, people who don’t have and can’t afford health insurance and lawsuits are allowed to continue, we’ll never have a health care system that works.The new roots of the healthcare system must be based on what the public wants – not what our misguided politicians want. Uproot U.S. Healthcare: To Reform U.S. Healthcare, by Deane Waldman, MD MBA, is an excellent and informative read and a real eye-opener to those who believe that the general public has no say about what happens to our healthcare system.

Cheap Vacation Ideas – House Swapping and Vacation Swapping | Holidays and Vacations

There is an old saying that goes (it better to give than to receive). Who came it with that saying, I say it is better to do both at the same time. If you want cheap-discount-travel, how about house swapping. That’s right I said it house swapping. I would rather call it vacation swapping. This is newest, latest thing in cheap-discount travel. Here is how it works. You find a family or a person that wants to travel to your location the town or city where or near where you live. You will stay in their house in their city, town or different country, and they will come to where you live. Yes, they will actually be staying in your house, so you have to be OK with sharing your personal space.There are a couple of precautions that I would take. You might want to put up all your valuable and personal information or anything that you would be terrified if it gotten broken. I sure they would not intentionally destroy anything, but mistakes do happen. Prior to the switch, you have to decide who would pay the utilities and other usable items. Everyone usually purchases their own food and clean the house when the visit is over. You can also swap automobiles with that person; this will further save you some money on car rental fees again adding to your cheap-discount- travel experience. Again each person would pay for their gas while in usage and fill and clean the automobile up on completion of usage. Thus, both parties receive and give a free vacation stay and transportation for free. Not to mention that the family in question; might have some family pass to local events, that can be used by their home guess, since your staying in their home, your more like an extended family instead of a visitor. Again, adding more value to your cheap-discount-travel vacation.Depending on where you want to go and where you want to visit, will determine how many responses you get to your offer. If you live in a hot vacation spot or big city or not to far from one this might be a very easy task for you. However, if your location is not so popular, you might have to do a little research. Do some research and find out what types of events or activities that are happing is your area. Make a list and enhance the features. You would be surprised at what local activities that don’t necessary appeal to you might be the very thing that some else is looking for. Cheap Vacations, Vacations Available for Swapping, House Swapping Locations